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Learn how to become friends with animals

Whether you’re living in the city, suburbia or country, connecting with Nature has never been easier. Learn how to connect with your surroundings, ground yourself and heal yourself through the power of connecting with animals.

What is Whispering?

At Learn Whispering, we’re about helping you to relate to nature.

The deeper skill set of animal whispering takes you to a place of literally Whispering yourself. To relate and commune with nature means you are in a relaxed, peaceful place, so your animals then feel safe.

Your new skills will be self evident,  reflected in how the animals behave from a place of trust, instead of fear and survival instinct.

Talking to animals so they act and trust you is a learned skill.

How does it help You?

Humans are also animals. As you master the habits of relating to nature, you can then relate to yourself and other people in a more relaxed and natural state.

Animals teach us about ourselves. Learn Whispering covers the skills and cautions around animals and also the development of key life skills to assist you in calming your mind, your emotions and having more fulfilling relationships.

Video Tutorials

Our Learn Whispering Course comes complete with a series of step-by-step video tutorials, taking you through every part of your journey to successfully Whisper Animals.

All you need is access to some animals. These can be birds at your local city park, lizards or echidnas in local reserves, or go full bore and Whisper to kangaroos, wombats and koalas out in the bush.

If you’re into caravaning and camping, this is an excellent activity to keep you and the kids occupied, whilst teaching them some great life skills.

Yours for a Lifetime

Our complete video tutorial set is available to watch over and over at your leisure. No stress, no rush, you work at your own pace.

Additional assistance is available via our Social Media channels to answer your questions and share your successes.

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