What is Animal Whispering?

Animal Whispering is about relating to nature. How to truly relate and understand all things that are not human or man made. It is about being safe and ethical  for both you and nature. Relating to nature is extremely important for our well being, as it helps us to de-stress and recenter.

The LearnWhispering 101 course takes you through the core secrets of whispering.

What is even better, is it teaches you the fundamental life skills that help you to function at your best in any activity, from learning, working, sports and relating better with yourself and other humans.

Animals are very sensitive, they always respond to your current mental, emotional and physical state. The greater your ability to change your state means you’ll be able to relate better with nature.

This makes it more enjoyable and often magical for you. Your whispering abilities will impact all forms of life from plants, fish and insects, to the most conscious of all animals, dolphins and whales.

Whispering skills help you to be in tune with life. In this uncertain world,  whispering skills help you contribute to a better future. It helps you make decisions and change behaviours that are causing global catastrophes like the onslaught of the Fire Armageddons and record floods.

Our Grandchildren deserve a healthy eco-system. This better future starts with us, and our relationship with Nature.

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about me, jason

About me ...

Since childhood, I have been obsessed with nature. I had a wide variety of animals as pets when growing up, including fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians and the usual furry quadrupeds.

I grew up close to farm land in Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city. I was obsessed with ornithology (birds) and Ichthyology (fish).

As a child I researched everything about all forms of flora and fauna to understand the entire working of ecosystems.

My parents took us out on a weekly basis to places where I could fossick and get my hands on everything.  As an adult I still spend a significant time in nature, camping and hiking.

In 2008 I moved to Australia where the wildlife is truly spectacular, dangerous and unique. I went from the land of over predated safe birds to the land of deadly and dangerous everything!

My whispering skills have kept me safe and alive as I faced many of the most deadly snakes in the world, as well as a 3.5 meter wide stingray in the water.

These same skills helped me dealing with the 2020 bushfires in Eastern Australia and being hit by a car on my bike, as well as many other life threatening experiences.

Whispering skills improve your whole life by giving you the skills to centre yourself, remain calm and respond to life dramas accordingly.